Unnati aims to provide 21st-century employability skills training to drop-out students and educated unemployed youth to help secure a job in the formal sector.

Unnati endeavours to impart skill training to youth who are drop-outs or are college graduates/postgraduates and are jobless between the age of 18-25 years. The project aims to train and offer relevant industrial exposure to excel in their professional careers ahead.


College Students



There is an oversupply of graduates in certain streams compared to the number of jobs available in the market. Many reasons are responsible for educated unemployment in India including population, job opportunity and qualification mismatch, poor job distribution, and more. Unnati’s primary goal is to offer quality and skill enhancement to school drop-outs and educated unemployed youth through soft skills, industrial etiquette and enhancement of vision. Unnati presses the importance of the fundamentals in one’s domain area. At Maa Foundation, we approach the unemployed youth through colleges, surveys, advertisements, and by extracting data from employment exchange. We then create specialised batches where candidates are selected based on written test and review through interviews. The duration of the training ranges from 20-60 days, during which we identify the technical shortcomings and personality gaps which we aim to bridge. Furthermore, we instil practical knowledge and offer mock interviews to make them ready for their real interviews.

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