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MAA FOUNDATION (Maa meaning mother), is a charitable (not-for-profit) organization, primarily funded by the Bilakhia Group for bringing about educational reforms in the society.


Noorbai Maa

Noorbaima - The Visionary

Grandmother of Bilakhias
The reason for our existence

It is a unique NGO that studies and understands the problems and hurdles faced by the Indian education system. The vision of Anjum Bilakhia, Yunus Bilakhia and Jakir Bilakhia is carried forward by our dedicated team who works tirelessly at the grass-root level to induce large-scale quality reform in the education imparted in the schools, to offer holistic education to children and provide the students with a vision in life. Although we embarked on our journey with one district, we have built models that are scalable, sustainable, process-driven and result-oriented, ensuring easy adoption.

Maa Foundation is a synergy of an NGO and a corporate world. Our team is a good mix of young people with various backgrounds such as social, industry and other streams, but connected with a common factor - having a deep social fervour. We operate at an optimum cost to achieve maximum returns to society. We work closely with the government and maintain the highest level of efficiency and accountability in planning, executing and monitoring our projects. We believe in social accountability measurement to maximise the benefits to the society, in the form of compounded returns.


The seeds of Maa Foundation were sown back in 1907 by Noor Bai Maa, the grandmother of the Bilakhia brothers - she taught her children the importance of education. For her, education held the highest priority, resulting in her migration to a village where she could pursue her dreams of offering higher schooling to her children. She continuously worked towards making her family perceive the value of education, which was empirical to the growth and success of the Bilakhia group.

Today, her future generations religiously follow her ideals of 'growth and prosperity through education' and thus, created the institute of philanthropy - Maa Foundation, seeking it as the best way to honour her memories by continuing to expand her work towards serving humanity. Noor Bai Maa's drive, energy and commitment continue to inspire our work at Maa Foundation; also the universal qualities of a mother like selflessness, impartial and unconditional love are imbibed into the culture of Maa Foundation and its various projects.


Education has a crucial role to play in the development of a person and subsequently, the entire nation. The purpose of our organization primarily is to spread the importance of education, especially to the disadvantaged and rural areas. We aim to address and resolve the numerous issues faced by the current education system through our various projects. Our projects are crafted for students and the other important stakeholders,  parents and teachers.


Our vision is to showcase Valsad district as India's role model in the education sector by the year 2030.


Our prime mission is to pass the value of education in our communities, enhance skills by offering tailored programs and teach human values. We develop scalable, sustainable, process-driven projects for corporate entities and institutes and invite like-minded corporate houses and interested individuals to replicate Maa Foundation projects. Maa Foundation offers necessary in-house training and hand-holding required for adoption of the project/s, on a pro-bono basis.

Our mission is also to set a benchmark framework for quality education by creating working models, which can be reviewed and replicated by others, to improve the education standards and greater societal good.

Our Achievements

As we are continuously working for the welfare of society, we have been appreciated / honoured by various awards. We are humbled for the recognition by the society / government for our contributions in the education and skilling field.

Maa Foundation is honoured to have been appreciated by multiple awards for dedicated services in the fields of education and skilling.

ECA Award

Most committed NGO working for Early childhood Education 2019-2020

SEVA Award

SEVA Award - Social Work


Best Innovative Model


Qimpro Gold Standard 2010 for Education

Padmshee Award

Padmashree 2019-2020

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