The project aims to bridge the gap between education and employability.

The project primarily tries to tackle our country's major issue - the employability fit problem - faced by Indian graduates. Our program intends to coach the UG students in 21st-century work skills, given industry/trade exposure through internships and foundational domain knowledge re-inforced. It is a win-win situation where on one side, we train people and make them job-ready, and on the other side, industries get the ready and polished workforce.


College Students

College Students


In this 21st century, India is poised at a very interesting milestone. On one side, we are globally acknowledged as a fast-growing economy taking all the right steps, with a favourable demographic profile. On the other side, graduates are finding jobs/opportunities hard to come by. The above is primarily because of an uneven demand-supply ratio and secondarily because most of the present university education is assessment-oriented and theoretical, with less emphasis on real-life application and retention of the learning for life. Another shortfall observed in many graduates is the lack of work skills/important 21st-century skills – the lack of these acts as a huge entry barrier into the job market. Essential skills which are required for the youth of today will make them job-ready and achieve their dreams. These skills are communication skills, positive attitude, corporate etiquettes, public speaking, self-confidence, stress management, presentation skills, teamwork, leadership skills and many others. To address this issue from its root cause, Maa Foundation intends to bridge this gap by imparting such skills through conducting classroom sessions followed by outdoor activities, industrial exposure through expert talks and summer internships and foundational domain bridge-courses, thereby giving them overall development and making them job ready, across the three years of a student’s graduation years.

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