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Project brief

Saath aims at creating a 'Role model school' by improving the infrastructure as well as the quality of education, using creative and innovative methods in the teaching-learning process.

Purpose of taking this project

The rural schools do not provide the children with quality education. Due to this the dropout rate in such schools is very high compared to other private schools. This is normally due to lack of skilled and/ or motivated teachers, improper infrastructure, poor hygienic conditions, unhealthy environment, lack of proper educational guidance, lack of quality resources etc. Looking at the current scenario, Saath aims to bring out a positive change in a school by improving the quality of education imparted in that school and improving its infrastructure, thereby making it a role model school and giving the children of that a chance to compete with their urban counterparts.

Project details

The project has adopted a school and completely revamped its environment with the help of latest technology and by using creative teaching methods. Educational software is being used to teach the students right from pre-primary to the higher secondary classes. Project based learning is implemented in school with the help of Maa Foundationís science kit in order to demonstrate the concepts of science to the students. The academically weak students are being given special attention and help by conducting remedial classes for them in the school premises itself. The students are encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities like quiz contests, sports, craft and infotainment activities. Internet and E- library facilities are made available to the students in the schools in order to expand their horizon. Educational trips and career guidance programs are organized to enhance the vision on the students and help them select an appropriate career path for themselves.

Along with providing quality education to the students, care is taken to imbibe invaluable moral values in them. This is done by encouraging the students to undertake various community projects as well as by setting up a concept note bank for the benefit of the school students. Also an education retail counter has been set up in the school premises itself in order to teach values like honesty and self restraint to the students.

In addition to the above the teachers of the school are also being exposed to teachersí training program in order to enhance the teaching learning process. External faculty is also invited to the school to interact with the students in order to boost up the morale of the students.

Project Deliverables

Saath aims at

  • Creating a role model school for other school managements to replicate.
  • Reducing the dropouts in the rural school by infusing quality education with the help of technology and adopting new methods to improve the teaching learning process.
  • Encouraging the students of the rural schools to opt for professional and or vocational courses based on their interests and skills & help them reach them make informed career decisions.
  • Equipping the rural underprivileged students with quality education and essential soft skills so that they can compete with their urban counterparts.
How we are different

Unlike other slums projects, Saath concentrates on overall improvement in the quality of education and infrastructure in a school. Maa Foundation has taken this initiative by adopting the schools are bringing about a positive change in not only its infrastructure but also in the quality of its teaching and education.

Status till this date

A school consisting of 2400 underprivileged children has been adopted by project Saath.

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