Parenting for 5 to 8 Years

Here are parenting sessions for parents whose children are between 5 to 8 years of age. This is a series of 6 sessions covering important topics of child development in these crucial years. All the sessions aim to develop a child holistically through better parental understanding and improving the way they treat/handle the child. Better parenting will hence lead to happier families and healthier societies.


Parent Child 5 to 8 Year

1. How to Limit Screen time

Screen time can be addictive for children to detach from using screens can be time taking. This session gives an insight into how parents can limit children's screen time, its impact and ways to overcome it.


2. Physical and Cognitive development

Holistic development in children plays a very crucial role, especially at the age of 5-8 years. In this session, we talk about physical and cognitive development, ideal weight, obesity in children and lastly mental wellness during this phase of their development.


3. Socio- Emotional and language development

Emotions are a powerful tool to regulate the mind and body. It is suggested that we encourage children to validate their emotions and frequently have positive self-talk to enhance their social skills.


4. Parenting Behavior and its impact

Different Parenting styles affect children in different ways. This session reveals different patterns and styles of parenting, their positive and negative impact on children. This session also gives an insight into using positive affirmations to help children grow better.


5. Behaviour and solutions

A few strategies are shared for a smooth parenting journey in this session. Strategies like competition and co-operation, magical words and so on.


6. Learning disability

Learning disability may affect children's ability to read, write, speak and logical reasoning. This session throws light on different learning disabilities and their solutions.