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Project Brief

Ken the word literally means 'Range of vision'. Project Ken aims at making quality education available to the most rural/interior areas of Valsad district and spreading awareness about the importance of education across villages. It aims at making each interior rural school of the Valsad district a 'role model school'.

Purpose of taking the project

India has begun its journey towards becoming an economic superpower. However the benefits of its growth and the contribution towards the growth are limited to certain pockets, mainly in the urban areas. How can rural India be a part of this revolution? The answer lies in quality education being available to one and all; in spreading awareness and knowledge across villages. Maa Foundation is doing this in Valsad district through its project Ken.

Project Details

It has been observed that the drop-out ratio in rural areas is significantly high due to lack of quality in education and weak fundamentals of the students. In order to learn in detail about this problem, Maa Foundation initially tested 100% students of standards 3rd to 7th of 350 schools for their minimum levels. Approximately 30% of these students were found to be weak/needing additional intervention; these weak students were segregated and were given minimum level education using the learning-with-fun method. After a period of 3 months, these children were retested and more than 88% of those students were able to clear the minimum level test. To ensure long term sustainability of this project, Maa Foundation is engaging local youth of the area in the project.

The educated, unemployed rural youth of the district have been meticulously selected, empowered trained & sensitized by Maa Foundation for this purpose. Intensive coaching in topics ranging from English language and IT to personality development, management skills and soft skills helps transform these young villagers into sensitized & self-motivated teachers. Each education coordinator is carefully selected after conducting pre and post training tests. Their skills, knowledge and aptitude for teaching is carefully assessed before employing them. They are then deployed as Education Coordinator, one per school working full time in the interior Govt. Primary school of Valsad district. They are provided refresher training every week and during vacation breaks at Maa Foundation's regional offices. These Education Coordinators act as a human catalysts in improving the quality of education imparted in the schools and try to transform each school into a role model.

The following tasks are performed by the Education Officers in each school:-

  • Minimum level education to weak students using the 'Learning with fun' method in order to reduce the drop out ratio.
  • English Language knowledge spoken and written.
  • Basic computer knowledge.
  • Teacher's training to enhance the effectiveness of the teaching-learning process.
  • Vision enhancement of students, parents and the entire educational community.
  • Conducting Annual day in school.
  • Felicitation of rankers in order to motivate them and their parents.
  • Science, math & sports kit implementation.
  • Aptitude testing & career guidance for secondary students so that they become aware of various careers and make an informed career decision for themselves.
  • Life skill education (P.D. camps) during the vacations to instill essential soft skills in the students.
  • Create a quality learning environment by implementing creative corners in schools like science and maths corners, English corners, maps corners, puzzle corner, health corner etc.
Project deliverables

Project Ken aims at

  • Making each school of Valsad district a role model school.
  • Provide the children of the rural areas with quality education and essential life skills.
  • Providing the rural children with essential English and IT knowledge.
  • Spreading the importance of education across villages.
  • Making Valsad district a role model in the field of education.
  • Sensitizing the present teachers to further improve the quality of education imparted, especially in the interior rural areas, where the need is maximum, for inclusive growth, in the future.
Status till this date

24 program officers and 386 education officers have been trained and deployed in 386 schools of Valsad and Amreli districts of Gujarat. The following number of students has been covered and benefited in the project with various need based education, training and resources till date:

  • 23340 weak students have been trained for minimum level education.
  • 32822 students of class 3 have been trained for advanced math.
  • 41451 students have been taught English language.
  • 82608 students from 1068 schools have been provided basic computer education.
  • Health education sessions have been taken on every Saturday in the all the schools.
  • Implementing pre-defined extracurricular activities in all schools.
  • 1, 54,000 school bags including stationary have been given to Class I students on the every first day of academic year.
  • Implementing role model school concept in more than 250 schools of valsad district.
  • Learning through digital content from standard 1st to 8th

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