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Project brief

Project Disha identifies the inner strengths, abilities and areas of interest of students with the help of a psychometric test and based on the results, suggests appropriate careers for them. It also gives the students invaluable information about various career options available under each stream of education and the future growth prospects of each career.

Purpose of taking this project

In the rural areas of India, there is very less awareness about different types of educational and vocational courses available to the students. They are not aware of various careers available in different streams of education and the future growth prospects in those career fields. In the urban areas of India there tends to be a herd mentality towards a few professional courses, irrespective of the child's interest/aptitudes.

Moreover, the students are not aware of their own aptitude; hence they are not able to make informed career decisions. Due to this they end up choosing a popular career or a career suggested to them by their parents, friends or other relatives.

We all agree that it is not just knowledge but also skills and passion that are very critical to ones success in work life. Due to lack of adequate career guidance students currently are opting for careers not suitable to their area of interest and skill sets and this leads to a large number of educated youths being found to be disinterested in their work or not adequately skilled.

Hence, Maa Foundation aims to provide valuable career information and also help students identify their own abilities and interest areas so that they can make an informed and correct career decision for themselves.

Project details

Disha is a program that provides career guidance to children of standards 8th to 12th by way of career talk and aptitude tests. They are made aware of their aptitude and abilities in various areas, their personality type and their areas of interests by way of psychometric test. The test is conducted using Radio frequency based remotes, through MCQ type questions in all the segments which caters to the masses using indigenous technology. This helps them in selecting a right career for themselves.

  • Clerical Abilities
  • Mechanical Abilities
  • Numerical Abilities
  • Reasoning Abilities
  • Spatial Abilities
  • Verbal Abilities

Their personality type i.e. extrovert or introvert is also ascertained and their areas of interest are found out using Interest and Personality tests. On the basis of the results of the above 3 tests suitable careers, (maximum 3 careers) are suggested for each child.

A career talk is also conducted so as to explain to the children the importance of education and the importance of selecting a right career for themselves.

Career talk is conducted, with the help of career posters and presentations in order to inform the students about various career options available under each stream of education and the subjects which they need to select in order to pursue the career of their choice.

Project Deliverables

Disha ensures that

Students are made aware of their own abilities, skills and interests through career guidance programs so that they can select a career most suited to them.

They are given knowledge about various careers available today and the subjects the students should select in order to pursue those careers.

Parents get valuable information about strengths, abilities, skills and interests of their children so that they can guide them accordingly and help them in the career selection process.


Status till this date

Over 85,000 students have received career guidance under this project till date. Every year approximately 45,000- 50,000 students from class 8 to 12 have been covered under this project.

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