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Daily Digest - August 20, 2019
Daily digest is your daily dose of knowledge. There are 365 topics and each day will cover a different topic. It gives valuable information on topics like physics, knowledge, emotions, entertainment & spirituality. Click on archive and view all the topics of the year.
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Mask game:
  “Give respect and take respect”  

When you give respect to others, the others will respect you. Example: - You may be having servants in your house. Give them respect and talk to them politely. Only then will respect you.

If you respect them , you are a good child. If not then start giving them respect. Ok! It’s nice that you give respect but if the respect is from the heart then only it is true respect.

Let’s take for an example that someone does not listen to you; shouts at you, etc will you like this? Answer is surely NO.

You should have 3 things at the tip of your tongue that is:

  • Excuse me.
  • Thank you
  • Please.

This shows your respect towards others. Here is an example of 2 families. These both the families have a servants named TARA and SITARA respectively.

One family has a servant named “Tara”. Tara is tired with this family because they do not give respect to him Other family has a servant named “Sitara”. Sitara is happy as he gets respect from the family.
Whenever they used to meet in the market, Tara always complained about his family and is tired and is searching for the new job, while Sitara was always happy. Here is the problem faced by Tara and the joy of Sitara.

Boss named SUNIL. Always used to shout at him without any use. Like “Abe Tara, you don’t have a brain or What? The human like you are of no use. I told you to pay the telephone bill and you forgot it.”

Boss named VIVEK. He always used to talk politely to his servant. Like Sitara Babu” how was the day? Today you forgot something. Ok let it be. Do it tomorrow without fail. I shall tell you what you forgot. You forgot to pay the telephone bill. Please pay it tomorrow.

Boss’s wife named Romila. She always Shouts at her servant this way. Taraaaaaa Abe pick up the phone. Can’t you hear the ring? You useless, hopeless creature.

Boss’s wife named Meenakshi. She always talks politely to her servant She always talks repectfully to her servant like Sitara bhaiya bell is ringing please open the door.

Boss has 2 sons. One named Rocky and Sandy respectively. Rocky to his servant Tara “Tara giveme milk” and shouts loudly.

Boss has one daughter and one son named Sonia and RahulRahul to his servant “ Bhaiya bring me a glass of water.”

Sandy to his servant Tara “ Tara where’s my pant?” Shouts and says badthing to him.

Sonia to her servant “Sitara Bhaiya, today you are looking fresh please bring for me fresh fruits.

This shows that we should give respect and then we will get respect from others and will be loved by all.


Good thought: - Thank God for competition. When our competition upsets our plans or designs, they open infinite possibilities of our own work to us.

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