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Psychometric/Aptitude test

"The best way to choose a career is to be more informed."

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What is Psychometrics about?

The word psychometric is formed from the Greek words for mental and measurement. Psychometrics is the study of human behaviour which has developed into a universally accepted standard, forming the basis of modern intelligence, interest and personality tests. Psychometric tests attempt to objectively measure aspects of your MENTAL ABILITY as well as your PERSONALITY.

The test loaded by Maa Foundation aims to help you in selecting an appropriate career for yourself based on your areas of interest as well as your abilities

Why should one take the Psychometric test before selecting a career?
  • The test provides invaluable insight into your individuality, outlining your strengths along with areas of relative weakness.
  • Research shows that people are more satisfied and successful when working in their area of interest and most productive in work which taps their natural strengths and innate talents.
  • Knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses which will enable you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and channelize your abilities in the right direction and thereby increase your chances of success in career and life.
What is Psychometric test?
The Psychometric test will give you an opportunity to explore and understand yourself and on basis of that determine your future educational path. It is advisable that students of standards 9th – 12th take this test in order to select an appropriate career for themselves.
  • The test is divided into 2 sections. The PERSONALITY AND INTEREST TEST and the APTITUDE TEST.
  • The Personality and Interest test will throw out your TOP 3 INTEREST AREAS as well as spell out whether you are an INTROVERT or EXTROVERT. It is always advisable to select a career keeping in mind your area of interest.
  • The Personality has questions designed to ascertain your personality type i.e The Aptitude test measures your abilities in 7 different areas and ranks them as Poor, Average or Extremely high.
  • All the tests have only objective type questions and there will be NO NEGATIVE marking.
  • The excel sheet attached bifurcates the various careers on basis of the areas of interest required in order to pursue them. Also it spells out the main abilities required to succeed in each career.
Personality test 10 Minutes 10
Interest test 25 Minutes 40
Verbal Ability 7 Minutes and 30 Seconds 24
Reasoning Ability 5 Minutes 12
Spatial Ability 6 Minutes 72
Mechanical Ability 9 Minutes 25
Closure Ability 5 Minutes 20
Clerical Ability 3 Minutes 72
Numerical Ability 5 Minutes and 30 Seconds 20
Personality Test 60 Minutes 10
Interest Test 25 Minutes 40
Definition of various abilities

Verbal Ability

Verbal ability is one’s command over language in terms of appropriate use of words and grammar for both oral as well as written communication.

Reasoning ability

Reasoning Ability refers to the ability to apply logic and reason and is useful in decision making and problem solving.

Spatial Ability

Spatial Ability refers to one’s ability to imagine, visualize and manipulate two dimensional and three dimensional shapes and patterns.

Mechanical Ability

Mechanical ability is ability that helps a person understand how mechanical tools and machines operate on the basis of knowledge of scientific and mechanical principles.

Closure Ability

It is the ability to perceive things in an organized and meaningful manner. It is also the ability to form a perceptual cluster from a number of vague or jumbled data present in the surroundings.

Clerical Ability

Clerical ability refers to one’s observation skills and the ability to do repetitive work accurately and quickly. This ability does not require high level of intellectual capacity and is useful in tasks such as record keeping, filling, dispatching, coding and other similar jobs.

Numerical Ability

The ability for mental calculations involving basic arithmetic, number sequences and simple mathematics is termed as numerical ability.