The project incorporates activity-based learnings regarding life-skills to prepare them for real-life scenarios.

The project Vikas, through activity-based camp of four to six days, instils the importance of life skills in one's life. It typically makes them realize the significance of being goal-oriented, vision enhancement and teaching moral values.


Students (IX-XII)



The education system in India is assessment-centric, with a lower focus on life-skills education. The emphasis that should be laid on the personal growth and development of the child has been ignored. Life skills education is a very vital and fundamental part of the educational system globally. In Indian schools, however, life-skills education is yet to be recognized as an integral part of the curriculum. Maa Foundation has, therefore, taken the initiative to impart life-skills education to students by organizing personality development camps. Maa Foundation organizes a personality development camp for students from 9th to 12th for four to six days which could be residential or non-residential, as well as online. Students are introduced to various topics like leadership qualities, manners and etiquettes, communication skills, time management, SWOT analysis, India's economy and it's future and more, through presentations and field activities.

The idea is to teach indispensable human values such as respect, patriotism, honesty, self-discipline and more. We also teach essential meditation techniques to maintain a healthy mind/body and anger management. The students get a chance to explore the real-life working culture through industrial visits. Most of the teaching is an activity/game based session followed by learning/real-life connection, enabling the students to imbibe learning in a receptive frame of mind. Through these activities, they learn the importance of soft skills to lead a successful life and career. Various presentations, videos and career guidance activities teach them the importance of education and goal setting. The camp also teaches them the importance of social and moral values required to lead a happy and meaningful life. These camps provide a one time opportunity for students to spend time away from home in an educational environment. The camp acts as a change agent, enhancing their personality and giving them a clear sense of direction in life/home, in an enriching environment.

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