Direct financial assistance (scholarships) to deserving and needy students.

Vidhya is our scholarship project, whereby we provide financial assistance to students who are both deserving and needy to enable them to reach their fullest potential.


Students (depending on the criteria)

Concept Note


For the economically weaker section of the society to get their children in reputed colleges for higher education is difficult - Maa Foundation helps these deserving students with financial aid. Despite scoring good grades in high school, students from economically weaker sections either discontinue education, seek some short-term vocational or other courses; consequently many bright students do not get opportunities to show their potential, merely due to financial constraints. Hence, there is a need to aid these students’ education, so that no bright student is deprived of the opportunity to showcase his/her potential. Apart from the financial aid, the scholarship recipients are also groomed through various interventions at appropriate times like career guidance, life skill education camps etc. to make sure they excel in future.

Advertisements are published in prominent regional dailies of Valsad, Bhavnagar and Amreli districts. The advertisement has detailed information about the eligibility criteria for the beneficiaries of scholarship and applications are invited. Based on the application forms, students are shortlisted based on their credentials and their financial background. Shortlisted students are called for a personal interview along with their parents. Their financial eligibility is assessed in the interview and based on this as well as their credentials, the amount of scholarship is determined. Future academic targets are also set and mutually agreed upon, to ensure that they continue to excel in their studies. Every year, the beneficiary's academic result is reviewed to ensure that only the bright and deserving students continue to get the benefit of scholarship. A customised software tracks each student's scholarship years and beyond, to ensure that the money is spent in the right place.

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