Science and Math on Wheels

Mobile infrastructure is taken to rural schools to instill the concepts and remove the phobia these young minds carry.

This project aims to inculcate a scientific temperament in primary students in rural areas so that the phobia of mathematics and science subjects is reduced, as well as increasing their employability chances in the long run.


Rural students (Vth to Xth standard students)

Science on wheels


The teaching method of these subjects should be interactive, interesting, live and challenging. The knowledge gained by the students is limited to what they learn from the textbooks, and also, they do not have the required concept clarity by doing experiments in a Science laboratory. In order to give the rural students of 5th to 10th standard better concept clarity and to attract them towards this seemingly difficult subject, Maa Foundation has converted buses and vans into mobile science/math laboratories. The buses are equipped with audio-visual equipment, countertops, cupboards and a generator. Activities like showing educational videos, experiments or hands-on activities, teaching with the help of educational toys and display of science models mapped to the curriculum are conducted with the help of these buses and vans. The idea is to involve the entire rural community. The project’s second phase is a Math funfair (mela). These mobile labs go to rural schools and expose students to a new world of mathematics and science by organising:

  • Science models exhibition with explanation and real-life application to expose children to knowledge beyond what is there in the textbooks through scientific videos.

  • Science experiments and technology videos in buses or school classrooms.

  • Hands-on activities using re-assemblable educational toys and models to improve concept clarity of the children through hands-on learning.

  • Puzzle and Mind Games – for staff teachers and students.

  • Library - collection of Science related books.


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