Prahodhan aims at easing the transition from teenage into adulthood relating to career by decoding success, goal setting and vision enhancement.

प्रबोधन (Prabhodhan) is a Hindi word which translates to ‘getting awakened’. Our project Probodhan comprises some hard talk intended to motivate students and drive them to think of their success path. The idea is to blend the academic talent with other student skills and see where this can be implemented in the real-world.


Students (IX-XII standard)


We - educators, parents and NGOs, all are working tirelessly to educate the present generation in India. Sadly, it is often observed that the goals set for these students are mostly academic. Due to this, most of the students go with the flow and make most academic goals their priority, with little or no focus on the bigger picture, such as employability fit, passion, or overall development.

At Maa Foundation, we religiously believe each student has an area of strength, and if the right kind of exposure is given at the right age, it will help the student formalize individual goals and work towards the same in a more focussed way. To stimulate the students in this direction, Maa Foundation has started the project Prabodhan-Igniting the Spark Within'.

The program highlights India's projected economic growth path and related opportunities, also touching upon the present-day emerging careers. Further, it also focuses on what industries search for when hiring a right candidate. It is a combination of vision enhancement, sensitization and some hard talk which will help students explore beyond academics and turn out more complete individuals and hopefully more successful citizens, in this global India of tomorrow. Students are given a brief industrial visit to shed light on how the real-world scenarios work. By the end of this program, participants will understand future global India's requirements and explore life beyond academics. The project takes nearly three hours, including the industrial tour.

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