Facilitating teachers to be better equipped with teaching-learning resources.

Gnyan enhances the quality of teaching by conducting training programs and motivating teachers. In this fast changing world of technology, the teachers need to keep pace with the changing times by sharpening their teaching and technological skills, at regular intervals. Maa Foundation conducts teachers' training workshops in order to improve the teaching skills of teachers and help them keep pace with the changing times.


Educational Institutes (Teachers)

Teachers Training


The progress of a country depends upon the quality of its teachers and for this reason, teaching is the noblest among all professions. Teachers are crucial elements in preparing young people not only to face the future with confidence but also to build it with purpose and accountability. By training teachers, we aim at making them capable of conveying their knowledge most effectively and innovatively. After completing this training, participants will be able to develop new teaching strategies which enhance the interest of their students in the classrooms and encourage learning. The teaching skills include providing training on the different techniques, approaches, and strategies that would help the teachers to plan and impart instruction, provide appropriate reinforcement, and conduct an effective assessment. It includes effective classroom management skills, preparation and use of instructional materials, and communication skills. The pedagogical theory includes the philosophical, sociological, and psychological considerations that would enable the teachers to have a sound basis for practicing the teaching skills in the classroom. It also includes soft skills, counseling skills, interpersonal skills, digital skills, information retrieving and management skills, and above all lifelong learning skills. Through the training, Maa Foundation believes that it will motivate the teachers to bring about the required educational reform and bring back the joy of the teaching-learning process.

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