Technology assisted career testing and counselling, for the masses.

दिशा (Disha) is a Hindi word which translates to ‘direction’. This project aims to give direction to students so they can wisely choose their career path. We aim to guide students through career talk and online/offline psychometric tests. This project was initiated to spread informed details about careers and help students choose a career path through career talk and online/offline psychometric tests.


Students (IX-XII)

Aptitude Test


The impact of changing technologies, privatisation, the opening of economies and shrinking global societies on the job scenes are quite evident. Industries that did not exist a decade ago are the largest employers today. In rural areas, students are less aware of the present-day jobs and the demand for educational and vocational courses. The majority of them are not aware of various careers available in different education streams and their future growth prospects. While in the urban areas, there tends to be a herd mentality towards some popular careers. Due to a lack of adequate career guidance, the students choose careers mismatching their skill sets and interests, leading to wrong career choices. Disha enables the student to make his/her choice of career. It measures a student's aptitude in six areas, personality type and major areas of interest by software-driven psychometric assessment, followed by counselling. It also provides detailed information about various career options available under each education stream to make an informed decision. This service is offered in Valsad, Bhavnagar and Amreli districts. The Disha project deploys RFID based Personal Response System (PRS) based psychometric tests, where multiple students can take the test at a time. The software suggests the top three careers based on the combination of student’s interests, personality type and aptitude scores (clerical, mechanical, numerical, spatial, reasoning and verbal). The test is available online on our website.

Students discover their abilities, as well as learn where they can improve. The student gains knowledge about various careers and related subjects and their value in the current market. Parents get valuable information about the strengths, abilities, skills, and interests of their children to guide them accordingly and help them in the career selection process. This is especially important to enlight parents who firmly believe in career inheritance.
The time duration is of 1.5 hours.

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