Commercial Pilot

The Aviation Industry in India is divided into two sectors – Commercial and Military. Commercial aviation includes passenger airlines and cargo planes, international air services, air taxi, and charter operations. Military aviation consists of the Indian Air Force and the aviation arms of the navy and army. Commercial aviation has an organized structure that includes airlines operation, maintenance, marketing and finance. The job of a pilot comes under airline operation. A career as a pilot will give you an attractive salary along with other perks. With the growing aviation industry, plenty of jobs are available for aspiring young pilots.

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Course Eligibility Duration
Commercial Pilot License Certificate Class 10+2 (PCM) or equivalent (minimum 50% marks) + minimum 16 years age 3-4 years

Entrance Exam    

  • All the flying clubs have their own entrance examination.


Procuring a commercial pilot license can cost between INR Sixteen lakh to Forty Five lakhs, these charges may vary.

Skills Required   

  • Good IQ and Problem solving skills

  • Physically Fit

  • Decision Making Skills

  • Good Eyesight

  • Good Communication Skills

Career Options   

A commercial pilot can have the following options:

  • Commercial Pilot:As the name suggests, these are pilots that fly for commercial purposes. They are responsible for handling the commercial requirements of the airlines. Be it carrying passengers from one place to another or being involved in activities like aerobatics, air rallies and aeromodelling. Candidates must also know that these commercial pilots are licensed pilots and are directly and indirectly responsible for the flights they use. The commercial pilots can further be divided into three sub-categories, based on the different functions they perform. These are as follows:

    1. Passenger Pilot: These pilots are responsible mainly for carrying passengers from one state/country to another state/country. Passengers along with the plane are the priorities for these passenger pilots.
    2. Cargo Pilot: Cargo pilots are the ones responsible to transport goods from one place to another as assigned by the cargo agencies. These flights can easily be tracked by the cargo or the courier company and then be notified to the customer.
    3. Aerosports Pilot: These pilots are involved in activities like adventure and sports activities including aerobatics, aeromodelling, ballooning, air racing, air rallies, etc.
  • Military Pilot:They are considered as the backbone for the Indian Armed Forces comprising the Indian Army, Airforce and Navy. The military pilots support the Armed Forces with their air skills to engage into air-to-air combat, identifying missions and transporting army essentials and personnel. The subdivisions are as under –

    1. Airforce Pilot: Airforce pilots consist of skilled and expert airplane and helicopter pilots known for their skilled work in transporter pilots, fighter pilots and attack Heli pilots.Both the Airforce and Navy have Drone Pilots too. These are pilots responsible to handle Drone and its activities.
    2. Army Pilot: Pilots of this section are mostly Heli Pilots with expertise in attack helicopters, mission-based helicopters, surveillance and reconnaissance.
    3. Navy Pilot: Like the Airforce pilots, Navy pilots are also experts handling both helicopters and airplanes as when required by the Indian Navy. Transporting things from one military base to another is a basic function for the navy transporter pilots. The fighter pilots and attack heli pilots are responsible for the mission-based activities assigned by the officials.
  • Private Pilot:These are the pilots hired for corporate or personal requirements. Private jets and helicopters are flown by these private pilots. Private Pilot License is issued to these pilots under the guidance and regulations of the Ministry of Civil Aviation. Private pilots can also be commercial pilots as per the needs and requirements.

List of Flying Clubs   




Procedure to Procure Admission    

To become a commercial Pilot one has to follow three steps:

Pilot Procedure


  • Indian Airlines

  • International Airlines

  • Indian Air Force

  • Indian Navy

  • HAL

  • NAL

  • BSF

  • Coast Guard

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