Zoology is the division of biology that deals with the animal kingdom. The study of zoology includes the interaction of animal kingdom in their ecosystems such as classification, habits, structure, embryology, distribution, evolution, and extinct species and scientific study related to the entire species of the animal kingdom. The study of zoology includes animals' physiology, behaviour, and interaction with other species in their environment. It is a huge course that consists of the distribution of every animal species on earth, including extinct animals.

B.Sc. in Zoology


Course Eligibility Duration
Under Graduate Class 10+2(PCB) 3 years
Post Graduate B.Sc.(Zoology) 2 years
Ph.D. (For those who want to go in research and academics) M.Sc.(Zoology) Minimum 3 years

Entrance Exam    

Under-graduate Entrance:

There is no entrance exam for this course. Admission is done on the basis of marks scored in 10 + 2 (PCB).


Depending on the type of institute/quota, fees can range from INR Ten thousand to INR Fifty thousand per year; similarly, a postgraduate course can cost in the range of INR Twenty thousand to INR Twenty five thousand per year – both of the above are excluding lodging/boarding expenses.

Skills Required   

  • Deep and abiding interest in animals

  • Curiosity and observation skills

  • Fine motor skills

  • Scientific bent of mind

Career Options   

There are various job profiles offered to graduates and post graduates in Bachelor of Science with Zoology:

  • Zookeeper:Zookeepers are responsible for the well being of the animals living in zoos. The job requires a keeper to routinely complete several tasks for the animals, such as bathing, feeding and exercising.

  • Animal Behaviorists: They do the scientific study of everything animals do, whether the animals are single-celled organisms, insects, birds, mammals, fish, or humans. The field of animal behaviour is concerned with understanding the causes, functions, development, and evolution of behaviour.

  • Lecturer: A graduate in zoology can work as a lecturer in colleges or universities.

  • Animal Trainers : Animal trainers help animals become accustomed to human contact and teach them to respond to commands. They may work with show animals, service animals, or family pets.

  • Animal breeders : Animal breeders work closely and daily with their speciality animals, providing them with food, water, shelter and medical care.

  • Animal rehabilitator: Wildlife rehabilitators usually work for rescue and rehabilitation centres helping sick or injured animals and educating the public about wildlife.

Undergraduate course (B.Sc)   

  • Zoology

Postgraduate Courses (M.Sc)   

  • Zoology with specializations in Medical Microbiology

  • Zoology

  • Public Health

Popular colleges offering the course:   

In Gujarat

In Maharastra

In India


A qualified graduate or post graduate in Zoology can get employment opportunities in the following areas:

  • Hospitals

  • Colleges

  • Universities

  • Agricultural firms

  • Medical laboratories

  • Museums

  • Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Hatcheries

  • Environmental Agencies

All the students, teachers and guardians should note that the above mentioned websites and information on various colleges / universities may change under the rules and regulations of the education department.