Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary branch of science that is rapidly growing and has worldwide scope. Biotechnology sciences are applied to biological matter, generally living cells, for developing new and improved biological and industrial products. As we all know, the earth's population is inversely proportional to the food resources available on earth. It means with the increasing population; the earth resources are decreasing. Biotechnologists play an important role to fill this gap. Therefore in the coming decades, there will be great demand for biotechnologists with hefty salaries.



Course Eligibility Duration
Diploma Class 10 3 years
Under Graduate(B.Sc.) Class 10+2( Physics,Chemistry,Biology/Mathematics) minimum 50% +Entrance Exam 3 years
Under Graduate(B.E/B.Tech) Class 10+2( Physics, Chemistry,Mathematics,Biology)*minimum 50% +Entrance Exam 4 years
Integrated M.Tech Biotechnology Class 10+2(Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics) minimum 50% + Entrance exam 5 to 5 ½ years
Post Graduate Diploma B.Sc/B.Tech/B.E 1 year
Post Graduate B.Sc/B.Tech/B.E 2years
Ph.D.(For those who want to go in academics) Post Graduate 3 - 5 years

* Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics required in most colleges

Entrance Exam    

Under Graduate Entrance:

National Level Entrance test

  • J.E.E. or Joint Entrance Exam(for B.E/B.Tech)

Graduate Entrance:

  • GATE(Graduate Aptitute Test in Engineering)


Depending on the type of institute/quota/degree, fees can range from INR Fifteen thousand to Two lakhs per year, excluding lodging and boarding.

Skills Required   

  • General Aptitude for Science and Scientific Application

  • Immense Patience

  • Analytical Proficiency

  • Ability to work for long hours

  • Team Spirit

  • Communication Skills

  • Urge to lead innovative research

Career Options   

Since Biotechnology has varied applications, there are ample career opportunities for biotechnologists in following different disciplines. :

  • Lab Technician:The duties of a lab technician are to monitor labs daily, analyse samples, make reports and records, check reports and records, sampling of water, analysis & validation of samples.

  • Clinical Researcher: A Clinical researcher’s duty is to conduct on-site or remote clinical monitoring visits which are inclusive of reviewing documents, ensuring the accuracy of data recording, verifying source documents, assessing if a clinical trial is conducted by adhering to the protocol and guidelines.

  • Agriculture:Work is focused on developing genetically improved crops that give a higher yield and are disease resistant. Biofertilizers are also developed that reduce the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers on the crops making them more consumable. Synthetic chemicals are also being replaced by Biochemical.

  • Industries:There are various industrial applications such as pollution control, treatment of industrial waste, reduction in toxicity, cosmetic innovations, chemical processes, etc.

  • Medical and Health Sciences:Biotechnology plays a key role in this field dedicated to improving the quality of life of humans around the globe. Work is concentrated on bettering diagnostic methodologies and discovery of novel, innovative medical therapies for disease prevention as well as its cure.

  • Animal Husbandry:In this sector, biotechnologists are involved with research dealing with improvements in animal breeding that yield a better variety of farm animals which provide high quality meat and dairy products in large quantities.

  • Environmental Biotechnology: They solve problems related to pollution, sewage control and industrial waste treatments thereby creating a safer tomorrow.

Undergraduate course (B.Sc/B.E/B.Tech)   

  • Biotechnology

  • Biotechnology Engineering

Postgraduate Courses (M.Sc/M.E/M.Tech)   

  • Biotechnology Engineering

  • Biochemical Engineering

  • Bioinformatics

Popular colleges offering the course:   

In Gujarat

In Maharastra

In India


  • Biocon

  • Serum Institute of India

  • Mahyco Monsanto Biotech

  • Aventis

  • Indian Immunologicals

  • Ranbaxy

  • Dr. Reddy's Labs

  • Piramal Healthcare

All the students, teachers and guardians should note that the above mentioned websites and information on various colleges / universities may change under the rules and regulations of the education department.