Pre-school education deals with the most delicate age of a child's learning phase - Early Childhood Education is not just a stepping stone for primary school, but also an experience and stimulus to develop skills and intelligence for life. This 17 hours program aims at expanding the horizon of an educator's learning compass, permitting requisite development of one's teaching skills. The training makes the educator's capable of conveying their knowledge more effectively, including Important elements of student handling from different approaches to importance of play.


Pre-Primary Teacher


The role and functioning of schools is changing by-the-day; teachers are expected to place greater emphasis on integrating students with special learning needs in their classrooms, make more effective use of information and communication technologies (ICT) for teaching, to engage more in planning within evaluative and accountability frameworks and to do more to increase parental involvement in schools. This 30 hours training sessions would range from delivering lessons in subjects, to teaching the students time management, appropriate behaviour, giving them critical feedback during assessments, while also supporting them through various developmental milestones.


Primary Teacher


In an era of increasing technological changes and new strategies in education, teacher training is more important than ever. Teachers are crucial elements in preparing young people not only to face the future with confidence but to build it with purpose and accountability. This 30 hours Primary School Teacher Training = Teaching Skills + Pedagogical theory + Professional skills. Teaching skills includes training on different teaching techniques, approaches and strategies that would help the teachers to plan and impart instructions and conduct effective assessment. Pedagogical theory includes the psychological considerations that would enable the teacher to have a sound basis for practicing the teaching skills in the classroom. Professional skills include the techniques, strategies and approaches that would help teachers to grow in the profession.


Secondary Teacher