Through different educational projects, we are touching young lives to unleash the potential in them. We aim to implement a new learning method in rural areas schools and turn it into a role model school for students. We plan a career guidance program and try to instil values through skill education. We provide a vision to enhance goal setting for a successful career. Our main focus area of learning is learning based on activities. We aim to provide quality education for financially weaker backgrounds by offering intensive...



Technology assisted career testing and counselling, for the masses.

दिशा (Disha) is a Hindi word which translates to ‘direction’. This project aims to give direction to students so they can wisely choose their career path. We aim to guide students through career talk and online/offline psychometric tests. This project was initiated to spread informed details about careers and help students choose a career path through career talk and online/offline psychometric tests.


Project Disha

Science on Wheels

Mobile infrastructure is taken to rural schools to instill the concepts and remove the phobia these young minds carry.

This project aims to inculcate a scientific temperament in primary students in rural areas so that the phobia of mathematics and science subjects is reduced, as well as increasing their employability chances in the long run.


Project Science on Wheels


Parenting workshop structured for different age groups.

Whenever someone becomes a parent, the developmental journey is for both - the parent as well as the child. The basic idea of this project is to focus consciously on this journey to enhance the old-age practices and incorporate new strategies to help the child’s development.


Project Parvarish


Prahodhan aims at easing the transition from teenage into adulthood relating to career by decoding success, goal setting and vision enhancement.

प्रबोधन (Prabhodhan) is a Hindi word which translates to ‘getting awakened’. Our project Probodhan comprises some hard talk intended to motivate students and drive them to think of their success path. The idea is to blend the academic talent with other student skills and see where this can be implemented in the real-world.


Project Prabodhan


The project aims to bridge the gap between education and employability.

The project primarily tries to tackle our country's major issue - the employability fit problem - faced by Indian graduates. Our program intends to coach the UG students in 21st-century work skills, given industry/trade exposure through internships and foundational domain knowledge re-inforced. It is a win-win situation where on one side, we train people and make them job-ready, and on the other side, industries get the ready and polished workforce.


Project Lakshya


Unnati aims to provide 21st-century employability skills training to drop-out students and educated unemployed youth to help secure a job in the formal sector.

Unnati endeavours to impart skill training to youth who are drop-outs or are college graduates/postgraduates and are jobless between the age of 18-25 years. The project aims to train and offer relevant industrial exposure to excel in their professional careers ahead.


Project Unnati


Creating role-model primary public schools for better educational outcomes.

The word Ken defines itself as – “Range of Knowledge. Standing true to its name, this project endeavours to spread quality education and knowledge to the schools of interior and rural villages with the aim of transforming them into “role model” schools.


Project KEN


The project incorporates activity-based learnings regarding life-skills to prepare them for real-life scenarios.

The project Vikas, through activity-based camp of four to six days, instils the importance of life skills in one's life. It typically makes them realize the significance of being goal-oriented, vision enhancement and teaching moral values.


Project Vikas


Direct financial assistance (scholarships) to deserving and needy students.

Vidhya is our scholarship project, whereby we provide financial assistance to students who are both deserving and needy to enable them to reach their fullest potential.


Project Vidhya

Step Up

Step-up is an innovative activity-based learning approach which helps change the role of a teacher to a facilitator and allows each student to learn at an individual pace.

Step-up is an innovative method of teaching in which the curriculum is divided into units and each unit is taught to the students with the help of various types of activities. This method improves the teaching-learning process.


Project Step Up


Facilitating teachers to be better equipped with teaching-learning resources.

Gnyan enhances the quality of teaching by conducting training programs and motivating teachers. In this fast changing world of technology, the teachers need to keep pace with the changing times by sharpening their teaching and technological skills, at regular intervals. Maa Foundation conducts teachers' training workshops in order to improve the teaching skills of teachers and help them keep pace with the changing times.


Project Gyan