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Tips on being a good teacher
6 Unbeatable Tips To Being A Great Teacher

As in any profession, however interesting or challenging, a sense of ennui creeps in once routine sets in. The teaching profession is no exception. Educators need to constantly find ways and means to stimulate themselves and their students. Here are 6 tips that should aid you in being a Great Teacher:

Stimulating Environment

Wordsworth said 'The Child is the father of the Man'. By that, he meant that children discern everything around them in their un-adulterated magnificence and are as yet untainted and un-influenced by grownups. Keeping that in mind, provide students with an environment, where they are endowed with ideas, information and where they can share their points of view unhindered, without fear of judgment or criticism. Who knows what new perspectives might be revealed to you in the bargain?

Out-of-the-box Thinking

Encourage children to raise questions. For students, their teacher is always right and they place unwavering faith in him/her. This unquestioning faith may cause them to accept facts as they are laid out to them. Get students to probe and look for answers beyond the obvious. Once again, their answers might be a revelation to you.

Motivation Guide

Be a Morale Booster! Get students to believe in themselves and appreciate their efforts, however small, however trivial. A teacher's belief - positive or negative, has tremendous impact on their minds. Be their sounding board. Observe, participate and contribute in their endeavours.

Experiential Learning

In the words of Aristotle, 'The things we have to learn before we do them, we learn by doing them'. Nothing works better than experiential learning, so involve students in interactive activities, such as games, quizzes, simple experiments that test theories, dramatics. The level of participation will be enjoyable for both you and the students. In addition, the potential that students display will be enlightening, unlike rote learning, which will only test their retention of text book knowledge.

Short Breaks

Students have a low attention span. Offer them breaks at regular intervals in the form of activities, a quiz for instance, or icebreakers. This is a sure fire way of ensuring you get the attention you deserve.

Positive Thinking

Finally it is up to you as their teacher to set the mood. If you are feeling low or edgy, they will sense it. Ensure that you exude a positive demeanour and energy in what you do. Your student's attitude will reflect your own attitude towards learning. Their response to your class is your report card.